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Function & Duties

  1. To advise UMP in all aspects related to OSH with assistance from JKKP-UMP and other general committee.
  2. To help in the identification of national law including acts, regulations, codes of practice / guidelines and safety standards and adopt similar uptake in the UMP to ensure that they are followed from time to time by JKKP-UMP.
  3. To monitor relevant aspects of occupational safety and health in the UMP by conducting audits, periodic inspection and monitoring of workplace through JKKP-UMP to ensure compliance to relevant laws.
  4. To assists JKKP-UMP to conduct investigations in the event of any incident at workplace to identify the cause of incident, and act as the office in charge of focal in collecting information and data pertaining to OSH.
  5. To design a planning together with JKKP-UMP for the programs and activities relevant to OSH for UMP’s community.
  6. To ensure the effectiveness of OSH policies and plans that has been decided by JKKP-UMP and other related committee.
  7. To act as Secretariat of JKKP-UMP to carry out activities that have been planned and discussed by the committee.
  8. Member of University’s Technical Committee (JKTU) and University’s Development Committee (JKPU) to ensure that all procurement specifications of asset / works / services comply with provisions stated in the OSHA 1994 and that risk are eliminated or minimized during equipment specification preparation process (Applying the concept of risk control elimination or minimizing the risk in the early stages of process / design).
  9. To issue a notice of termination or confiscation immediately on any activities / premises classified as Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH).
  10. To command every PTJ & KK to set up JKKP-PTJ & KK with approval from Vice Chancellor.
  11. To call meetings of JKKP-UMP immediately if an accident occurs in accordance to Section 21 (3), Part IV: Meeting the Safety & Health, Health & Safety Committee Regulations 1996.
  12. To report to the nearest DOSH office any accidents or dangerous occurrences.
  13. Authorized to enter, inspect, evaluate and investigate any premise under UMP’s responsibility at any time when there is valid reason to believe that the premise has any hazard that can cause injury to human, damage to property and pollution to environment or its combination.
    Authorized to issue Notice of Improvement on any PTJ and/or individual including staffs, students, contractors or visitors when there is valid reason to believe that any action, task, process, condition, equipment or plant can cause injury to human, damage to property and pollution to environment or its combination.
  14. Authorized to instruct any party who received Stop-work/confiscation notice and/or Notice of Improvement to obey the notice and implement appropriate improvement based on as-far-as-practicable principle as underlined in Occupational Safety & Health Act 1994 and implemented within the time prescribed.
  15. Authorized to use and enforce guidelines, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) or internal operational control procedure related to occupational safety, health and environment to be used as guidelines that must be complied by PTJ, staffs, students, contractors and visitors as agreed by JKKP-UMP.