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The functions and duties of the Emergency Response Team ( ERT )

The functions and duties of the Emergency Response Team ( ERT ) are as follows :

· Emergency Commander (Komander kecemasan)

1. Serves as Chairman of every kind of emergency surgery

2. Identify an emergency

3. Determine the level of emergency measures to be taken

4. Identify the necessary assistance from external parties


· Emergency Coordinator (Koordinator Kecemasan) 

1. Serves as assistant / assistant to the Commander Emergency

2. Acting inform external parties such as Hospital Fire & Emergency faced depend form

3. Directs the type that needs to be urgently needed assistance to the scene 


· Areas Marshal (Marshal Kawasan)

1. Act as receiver and emergency incident reporting to Commander Emergency and Emergency Coordinator

2. Serves as the coordinator of the movement of staff / students / visitors to assemble in peace

3. Ensure that staff / students / visitors to vacate the building and left the scene

4. Perform "Head Count" to identify staff / students / visitors trapped / missing


· Squad Logistics (Skuad Logistik) -Minimum 5 member-

1. Serve as traffic flow control in ensuring the situation in control.

2. Ensure there is no obstruction of traffic flow entering the engine fire extinguisher and first aid to the scene

3. Provide communication control for recording all the data necessary.


· First Aid Squad (Skuad Pertolongan Cemas) -Minimum 5 member-

1. Serves as the initial relief to victims before the arrival of a team of medical specialists

2. To assist physicians in the form of emergency equipment and the injury information


· Squad Fire (Skuad Pemadam Api) -Minimum 5 member 

1. Acting control the fire from spreading before the arrival of the Fire Department

2. To assist the Fire Department in terms of equipment and area information help