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14 March 2018 – OSHMO UMP has visited Corporate Strategy & Communication Office,UPM.  The objective of the visit is to learn how UPM manage their waste sustainably. UPM was ranked first in UI Greenmetric World University ranking among universities in Malaysia. In term of waste cluster, UPM’s achievement almost doubled what UMP has achieved in 2017.

The office is in charge of managing and coordinating main activities that can contribute to UI Greenmetric World University ranking.  The office is the secretariat for Green Sustainability Steering Committee & Green Sustainability Working Committee. One of the strength of UPM is Green Initiative Program is embedded in UPM Strategic Planning. Majority of departments and faculties in UPM is certified with ISO 14001:2014 which contribute a lot in green sustainability programs.

With the help of Serdang Biomass Town, UPM is able to convert waste from surrounding community to usable product. Great corporation from students in managing Waste Bank is a great achievement due to commitment from the students themselves.

There are a lot more that UMP can learn from UPM in managing universities’ waste sustainably. OSHMO hope that the culture that UPM have can be cultivated in UMP to ensure that UMP can manage its waste in a way that can contribute to green campus.