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25 April 2018 – In conjunction with Earth Week 2018, Ecosiswa Club, UMP in collaboration with Occupational Safety & Health Management Office (OSHMO) has organized a poster competition with “Waste Less” theme. The aim of this competition is to encourage students to dwell into possibilities of producing less waste in their life. It is a crucial issue nowadays since man has been producing lots of non-biodegradable waste in daily basis. With current trend, next generation won’t be able to have enough space to live healthily.

 The organizer has received significant amount of participations among students. The winner is awarded during closing ceremony of Earth Week. The poster that has been submitted by the students will be used by OSHMO as promotional material in UMP. With the poster, OSHMO really hope that it will give insight to all of it staffs & students to reduce their waste generation & manage their waste sustainably.