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31 July 2018 – OSHMO has taken an initiative to promote recycled product from Pusat Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti Tunas Sri Teruntum (PPDK) during Quality & Innovation Day, UMP. PPDK is a day care centre for child with special needs. It is an initiative by PPDK to support their centre by producing recycled product. The product is jointly made by the teachers and also the child. By producing the product, it will help the child to practise their psychomotor.

The product, such as bags, pencil cases & pillows was made from recycled banner and cloth. It is a great effort by PPDK in reusing the banner & bunting since the material will take so many years before it will be degraded. OSHMO, with the help of a few other departments from UMP, will facilitate the initiative by PPDK by supplying used banner & bunting to PPDK. With number of programs held in UMP and number of promotional material that has been used, UMP are able to give steady supply to PPDK. UMP also will look into possibilities in using product from PPDK as UMP’s official souvenir.

It is a great joint venture between UMP & PPDK in managing the waste sustainably while creating product that can used daily. OSHMO really hope that other government agencies will follow suit in this great effort.