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31 July 2018 - OSHMO, in collaboration with EKSA committee of UMP has organized a Recycled Material Exhibition Award which was held during Quality & Innovation Day UMP. The aim of the award is to give recognition to the department that produced recycled products that can be used in UMP. The evaluation is based on whether the product is made creatively and incur small cost. The functionality of the products is one of the key point for the award. The product must be made of papers, boxes, plastic or aluminium bottle only.

The four participant is judged by OSHMO & EKSA committee representative a day before. The products are displayed throughout Quality & Innovation Day UMP whereby significant number of UMP staff is available.

OSHMO really hopes that the award can be held every year to appreciate those who take extra effort in producing products from recycled material in UMP. The effort will surely benefit UMP in long run and at the same time cultivate the culture of recycling among UMP’s staffs.