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Scheduled waste management is a continuous effort done by a group of staffs in UMP. In order to comply with Environmental Quality (Scheduled Wastes) Regulations 2005, a staff from Center of Technology Management & Services (CTMS) has attended a training to acquire Scheduled Wastes Manager competency. This staff has passed the examination, submitted Field Training Report and now waiting for the result from the Department of Environment, Malaysia to acquire full competency.

CTMS also has produces button batch to promote effort to reduce generation of scheduled waste in UMP. A few posters also have been distributed reminding students the benefit of reducing generation of scheduled waste to them and also to the environment.

Chemical walkabout, attended by person in charge of a few laboratories in UMP has been conducted on 16 August 2018. One of the topic that has been discussed in the walkabout is on how to manage scheduled waste properly. This include labelling, storage and also selection of proper container.

On 16 January 2018, scheduled wastes that has been collected from several laboratories in UMP has been sent for disposal by qualified contractors, Urban Environmental Industries Sdn Bhd. This process is carried out once in every 180 days to comply with legal requirements as well as to ensure our environment is protected. Second disposal will be conducted on September 2018. Disposal of mercury thermometer also has been conducted as UMP has implemented Zero Mercury Policy.