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25 April 2018 – In conjunction with Earth Week 2018, Ecosiswa Club, UMP in collaboration with Occupational Safety & Health Management Office (OSHMO) has organized a poster competition with “Waste Less” theme. The aim of this competition is to encourage students to dwell into possibilities of producing less waste in their life. It is a crucial issue nowadays since man has been producing lots of non-biodegradable waste in daily basis. With current trend, next generation won’t be able to have enough space to live healthily.

 The organizer has received significant amount of participations among students. The winner is awarded during closing ceremony of Earth Week. The poster that has been submitted by the students will be used by OSHMO as promotional material in UMP. With the poster, OSHMO really hope that it will give insight to all of it staffs & students to reduce their waste generation & manage their waste sustainably.



14 March 2018 – OSHMO UMP has visited Corporate Strategy & Communication Office,UPM.  The objective of the visit is to learn how UPM manage their waste sustainably. UPM was ranked first in UI Greenmetric World University ranking among universities in Malaysia. In term of waste cluster, UPM’s achievement almost doubled what UMP has achieved in 2017.

The office is in charge of managing and coordinating main activities that can contribute to UI Greenmetric World University ranking.  The office is the secretariat for Green Sustainability Steering Committee & Green Sustainability Working Committee. One of the strength of UPM is Green Initiative Program is embedded in UPM Strategic Planning. Majority of departments and faculties in UPM is certified with ISO 14001:2014 which contribute a lot in green sustainability programs.

With the help of Serdang Biomass Town, UPM is able to convert waste from surrounding community to usable product. Great corporation from students in managing Waste Bank is a great achievement due to commitment from the students themselves.

There are a lot more that UMP can learn from UPM in managing universities’ waste sustainably. OSHMO hope that the culture that UPM have can be cultivated in UMP to ensure that UMP can manage its waste in a way that can contribute to green campus.


25 July 2018 – OSHMO UMP has visited Centre of Risk Management, Sustainability and Occupational Health, UKM (ROSH) to benchmark UKM’s achievement in UI Greenmetric World University ranking.  The objective of the visit is to learn how UKM manage their waste sustainably. In term of waste cluster, UKM’s achievement is better than what UMP has achieved in 2017.

All of green waste and food waste generated in UKM is composted. Most of the sustainability initiative in UKM is operated by Prasarana UKM. It is great symbiosis between ROSH and Prasarana that helps UKM in managing their sustainability initiatives successfully. ROSH also acquire great help from “Institut Lestari UKM” in gathering data and conducting researches which relate to sustainability. Ekorelawan, a student body also provide a great help in conducting programs that have benefited sustainability initiatives in UKM. Food waste segregation in cafeteria is monitored by students, college office and researches. With this integrated monitoring & effort, there is no wonder that UKM can manage their waste successfully.

Among other strategies that is used in UKM is to embed sustainability audit into OSH audit. UKM also held their own Sustainability Day that can promote sustainability initiative to all of its staffs and students. E-waste collection is a good initiative that will ensure the waste is manage properly, instead of it is being disposed as domestic waste.

OSHMO really hope that the information that we get from the visit can be applied in UMP. The challenge will always be to cultivate the culture, but it is the challenge that OSHMO must face to develop UMP as a green campus.

Recycling Project By Briged Siswa’s Students

2 May 2018 – Students from Briged Siswa Section 9 & 10 have conducted a recycling campaign at UMP Gambang Campus. The program was a part of their syllabus and it was conducted to inculcate recycling culture among UMP staffs and students.

The notice was circulated a few days before to ensure that participant could gather all materials that can be recycled. Income from this campaign has been donated to the Mosque of UMP. Although it was a one-off program, the program did give experience to the students on how to organize a program that could benefit them and the environment.

A Sharing Of Zero Waste Lifestyle - Earth Week 2018

25 April 2018 – Ecosiswa Club, UMP in collaboration with Occupational Safety & Health Management Office (OSHMO) has organized Earth Week 2018 starting from 22 April 2018 until 28 April 2018. This program was organized with cooperation from Saffad UMP, Sultan Ahmad Shah Environmental Trust, Pusat Kesihatan Universiti and UMP Holdings. This year theme is “Nurturing The Nature, Saving The Future”.

On the afternoon, two invited speakers have delivered a talk entitled “A Sharing of Zero Waste Lifestyle”. Both speakers, Ms Seet Huay Ping and TPr. Rene Fu Swee Yun have practised zero waste lifestyle and have shared to the audiences on how to embrace the lifestyle. The lifestyle, championed by Zero Waste Malaysia is a way of life that will be able to reduce generation of waste, which in the end will protect our environment. The audience was introduced to 5Rs principle (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot). The speakers also encouraged audiences to rethink and redesign audience’s role in shaping a greener environment in the future. Swee Yun, an experienced town planner by profession has shared about how to reduce waste in audiences’ upcoming profession. At the end of the session, audience was briefed on how to produce Kefir Drink. Beside its health benefit, the drink also will reduce dependence to plastic bottle, which will benefit the environment.

The speaker conducted quiz session after the talk the to gauge understanding of the audiences. Based on participation from the audiences, organizing committee can conclude that the talk was a success.