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Safety Corner



Each department / faculty is advised to provide a bit of space on the board to fill the related information security and occupational health at the work place respectively. OSH information display area is called KKP Portion or ' Safety Corner ' . It is the same as the angle 5s that has been practiced now.

Guidance For Preparing KKP Portion 

Information to be placed are as follows :

  1. Safety Policy / KKP policy - It is advisable to display in Malay and English . Policies need to be downloaded and printed in A4 size - Download
  2. Organizational Chart for Safety & Health PTJ - Guide
  3. Organizational Chart for Emergency Response Team ( ERT ) and contact number - ERT JPPH
  4. The functions and duties of the Emergency Response Team ( ERT ) - Guide
  5. Emergency Route plan - Guide
  6. Assembly Point location - Guide
  7. Emergency Contact - Pekan @ Gambang
  8. KKP Poster - Guide
  9. Hazard Corner - Guide

Here is one of the complete Safety Corner and can be used as a guide or benchmark . This picture was taken from the Safety Corner JPPH .